Awareness-Raising Media Campaigns

  • Under the Influence of You
    Under the Influence of You is a statewide campaign designed to encourage influential adults to talk to the teens in their lives about the risks and consequences of using marijuana. Under the Influence of You is implemented locally through the strategic placement of banners and social media and website ads that encourage viewers to visit to learn strategies for effectively talking to the young people in their lives about marijuana.
  • Above the Influence
    Above the Influence is a national, awareness-raising campaign designed to help young people recognize and positively respond to negative pressures and influences, including the pressure to use drugs and alcohol. Above the Influence is implemented locally by highlighting all the positive activities our youth engage in to remain above the influence of drugs and alcohol.
  • What Matters Most is How You See Yourself
    What Matters Most is a locally-developed digital and print media campaign designed to increase young people’s sense of self-efficacy through culturally-grounded, community-based messaging in English, Spanish, and Ichiskiin. Using images inspired by local youth and highlighting the goals of our young people, the campaign reminds us that what matters most is how we see ourselves.
  • Crisis Text Line
    The Crisis Text Line is a free, text-based mental health support service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Community members can access the service and chat with a trained crisis counselor by texting “Heal” to 741741. The Crisis Text Line is currently being advertised through social media and website ads using the hashtag #WhiteSwanStrong.
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Parenting Classes

  • Strengthening Families
    Strengthening Families is a seven-week, evidence-based course for youth aged 10 to 14 and their parents or guardians. Strengthening Families helps parents and caregivers learn nurturing skills that support their children, teaches parents and caregivers how to effectively discipline and guide their youth, gives youth a healthy future orientation and an increased appreciation of their parents and caregivers, and teaches youth skills for dealing with stress and peer pressure. Register now!
  • Parenting with Tradition
    Parenting with Tradition (known nationally as Positive Indian Parenting) is an eight-week course focusing on traditional and culturally-specific parenting practices and values. During the course, participants explore a variety of traditional child-rearing attitudes and practices, and apply them to the challenges of modern parenting. We're planning our next session for May of 2024. If you're interested, let's us know and we'll reach out when we have more information.
  • Fortaleciendo Familias
    Fortaleciendo Familias es un curso de siete semanas basado en evidencia para jóvenes de 10 a 14 años y sus padres o tutores. Fortaleciendo Familias ayuda a los padres y cuidadores a aprender habilidades de crianza que apoyan a sus hijos, enseña a los padres y cuidadores como disciplinar y guiar eficazmente a sus jóvenes, brinda a los jóvenes una orientación futura saludable y un mayor aprecio por sus padres y cuidadores, y enseña a los jóvenes habilidades para lidiar con el estrés y la presión de los compañeros. ¡Inscríbate ahora!


  • Primary Project
    Primary Project is an evidence-based intervention that uses play to help students adjust to school, gain confidence and social skills, and focus on learning. Harrah Elementary students in kindergarten through third grade are eligible for Primary Project, which has been shown to have long-term positive effects on the mental health of students who participate.
  • Yakama Nation Social Host Ordinance Development
    Social host ordinances are designed to reduce youth access to alcohol by allowing for civil or criminal penalties to be imposed upon adults who knowingly provide or allow the use of alcohol by minors on their property. The coalition hopes to work with the Yakama Nation Tribal Council to pass a reservation-wide social host ordinance to further limit youth access to alcohol.
  • LifeSkills
    LifeSkills is a fifteen-session, evidence-based program proven to promote mental health and positive youth development; reduce drug, alcohol, and tobacco use; and reduce violence and other high-risk behaviors. LifeSkills is implemented annually with all Mt. Adams School District 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students.
  • Social Norming Campaign
    Social norming is a research-based strategy proven to reduce youth substance abuse by correcting misperceptions and promoting healthy protective behaviors that are the actual norm. The social norming campaign currently in development is aimed at White Swan High School students and intends to correct misperceptions about alcohol use by highlighting the reality that the vast majority of students do not use alcohol.
  • PAX Good Behavior Game
    The PAX Good Behavior Game is an evidence-based program proven to strengthen inhibition, extend self-regulation, and improve social-emotional scaffolding, ultimately resulting in better mental health and reduced substance use among our youth. PAX is implemented with kindergarten through third-grade students at Harrah Elementary.
  • Youth Mental Health First Aid
    Youth Mental Health First Aid (YMHFA) is a national, evidence-based program that teaches parents, family members, caregivers, teachers, school staff, peers, neighbors, health and human services workers, and other caring citizens how to help a young person who is experiencing mental health or addiction challenges or is in crisis. Youth Mental Health First Aid is available in both English and Spanish.
  • SPORT Prevention Plus Wellness
    SPORT Prevention Plus Wellness is a single-session intervention that promotes physical activity, nutrition, sleep, and stress control as a means of preventing substance use among youth. The alcohol-focused version of SPORT is implemented annually with Mt. Adams 5th-grade students, the marijuana-focused version is implemented annually with 9th-grade students, and the opioid-focused version is implemented annually with 11th-grade students.
  • teen Mental Health First Aid
    teen Mental Health First Aid (tMHFA) is a national, evidence-based program that teaches high school students in the 10th, 11th, and 12th grades how to identify, understand, and help their friends experiencing mental health and substance use challenges, and how to get the help of an adult quickly. During the 2019-2020 school year, White Swan High School was the only school in Washington State to participate in the teen Mental Health First Aid pilot, implementing the program with all of the school’s 10th grade students. Beginning the 2023-2024 school year, we're once again offering teen Mental Health First Aid to all 10th graders.
  • Opioid Overdose Prevention and Response Education
    Our Opioid Overdose Prevention and Response Education Program involves a one-hour class that introduces participants to common opioids, highlights the effects opioids have on the body, and teaches participants how to identify and effectively respond to an opioid overdose. The program is available in both English and Spanish.
  • Narcan Distribution
    Narcan is a naloxone-based nasal spray that reverses the life-threatening effects of an opioid overdose. In addition to providing training on opioid overdose prevention and response, the coalition distributes Narcan to community members who are using opioids or who have friends or family members who may be using opioids.
  • Gathering of Native Americans (GONA)
    The Gathering of Native Americans (GONA) is a community-based process that follows the four developmental phases and values of belonging, mastery, interdependence, and generosity to support communities in healing from the lasting impacts of colonization. The ultimate purpose of the GONA is to reestablish a safe, supportive, and nurturing community so that all of our youth can thrive and grow up in balance.