Social Norms Picture Ask

We Need Your Pictures

Jan 7, 2022

As we continue to work to develop our social norms campaign, we're collecting pictures that highlight all the ways our community’s adults are involved in our young people’s lives.

We would especially like to see the following:

  • Real-life community members, both adults and youth
  • Adults and youth in a talking circle
  • Adults at the same level as the youth in their lives (for example, both on the floor)
  • Elders
  • Adults and youth in the natural environment
  • Local sports teams
  • Ceremonies such as longhouse, powwows, and quinceañeras
  • Rodeos
  • Traditional activities such as hunting, fishing, and gathering
  • Adults helping young people with homework
  • Families having dinner at the table
  • Families cooking together
  • Families doing art together, including cultural arts such as making wa’paas and beading
  • Adults and youth with animals

If you’d like to participate, please send your pictures via text to 509-985-8902 or via email to

And if you know anyone who would be interested in sharing their pictures, please pass on this information to them.